Tuesday, 1 June 2010


No posts for ages and yet 2 posts in 1 afternoon.
Well these are the boy`s gifts. There so much fun to make. this one is the side view.

Front view.

This dark brown monkey was suppose to be used to make a neutral scooter,but i had used all the cream and gold ribbon on the cake,so just made another boy one.

And the front view again.

Hope you like them.All credit goes to babyfavorsandgifts.com.

Have a great day,hope to be back soon with some cards,but as it`s school hols,we will have to see if there`s any time.Visiting friends and taking kids out etc.

Take care kelly.


Lindsey said...

Wow Kelly these are fabulous! I am really envious of people who can sew, i just get myself into a right old pickle and end up covering my work in blood. Nice!
OMG i've just looked closer and realised you have made them out of baby clothes? And a bottle? I'm even more in awe now! What a brilliant idea!
Linds xx

Kim Piggott said...

This is totally fantastic!
What a brilliant creation I love it!
kim x