Monday, 14 June 2010

What a plonker!

No card today,just thought i`d let you have a laugh at my expense.Who makes a card designed especially to enter a challenge,posts about it but goes and forgets to enter it in the actual challenge?ME!!! In the words of Delboy 'What a plonker' and as the football finished and i looked up at the clock,i could here Victor Meldrew say 'I don`t believe it!'The card had to be entered by 8pm.I was gutted.Will i ever get the hang of doing this,somebody say yes please.Well off now to get kids ready for school,when i get back i will enter the other 2 challenges(they don`t run out yet!)
Have a good day,hopefully be back soon with a card.


Lindsey said...

Have done this soooooo manytimes too! My best ever was when i listed 7 challenges to enter but forgot to enter the card on their sites! It took me about 5 days to twig!

Debbie said...

OMG poor you, if it's any conselation we all do it, it is annoying though.
Kelly if you Email me your address i will send you a llittle brown bag throuhg the post. Debbiexx

Mina said...

from one plonker to another Kelly...I do that all the time too lol...oops
Mina xxx

Andrea said...

haha you're not a plonker you're a mother and mothers get no time to remember anything, lucky you even got a chance to make the card haha x