Monday, 19 July 2010

I`m still here!!!

Just a quick post to say i`m still here.I have nothing to show you and probably won`t for a little while till i get myself sorted out with the computer.It went funny on us,so had to send it of, only to find out it needed a new hard drive.So it seems were back to square one having to load up all the info on it once again.I`m gutted that i`ve lost some photo`s too.luckily i did burn some onto a disc but not the recent ones.So i have to go through the discs i did do to see how many we`ve got.I hope i haven`t lost too many,as i was suppose to have made my daughter`s friend a scrapbook for her bday which i have now missed,so hope to do it as a xmas gift instead.all being well that i`ve enough photo`s that is!!
Thanks to Debbie for the kind offer of the bags.I wasn`t being rude and ignoring you.I did try to leave a comment on a few blogs the other day,but it seemed to take ages that i give up,sorry.
Hope to show something soon.

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Debbie said...

Poor you Kelly, I have emailed you, hope you get it. Debbiexx