Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Just have to tell you!!!

Hi guy`s happy Tuesday to you all.No card today,there will be tomorrow as i`ve got the day off woohoo!!!!
So me thinks it`s gonna be a craftin day......But sssh! don`t tell hubby that.LOL.
Well onto some exciting news..........What i hear you ask................................
Well if you love mo mannings brilliant work and you loved Dani and friends,then this might be for you.
I emailed Mo last night and asked her had she considered doing Dani and friends in a christmas theme,giving presents,wearing winter clothes etc.....She has emailed me back and said she`s sidetracked from her book deadline and done 1 of Dani and there may be others, so to keep a look out for them.How cool is that.
I thought as Danielle gives out gifts to her closest friends at xmas time, having these winter images would be perfect for their cards and labels.It`s just so fitting for her age as well.That doesn`t mean i don`t love all the oher images out there,cause believe me i do.
So check out mo`s blog here,for any news.
She is such an amazing lady,who if you have an idea will consider it and more often or not draw it up for you.She did after i had asked if she could do the back to school kids.She wanted to know where i was from so she could do the right uniform,how cool is that.1 talented lady.

Well i`m off to get a bit of shopping before i get Sam from school.It`s super hero day for the yr2 lot,so they will be full of it when they come out.Sam`s gone with his batman mask,but not his cape as it was annoying him this morning.He`s a funny one.There were some face painted all in outfits,but He gets so worried about dressing up and going to school in it.I think it`s the fact that he doesn`t want to turn up and be the only one,even though you explain it that there`s 3 classes all gonna be dressed up!
Ah well,enjoy your afternoon.
Back with my card tomorrow.
OMG,sorry just doing the link to Mo`s blog and she`s posted one of Dani and gifts.
I told you this woman was good.Guess what card your gonna see tomorrow!!!!!!!

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Lindsey said...

Oh wow! Can't wait to see what you do!