Sunday, 17 April 2011

A new addition to our family!!

May i introduce you all to Maddie..............................
This is Danielle and Sam holding her not that long after we brought her home.  Maddie is a cockerpoo and will be 8 weeks old tomorrow.She looks quite big in this picture,but is the opposite in this next one.......Which i`ve tried 4 times and it keeps loading how i took it which is on it`s side but i`ve already turned it the right way and saved it in my pictures.Now the one above worked fine,but the one i wanted is being stubborn so will try i sort it so i can show you.So we have one of her feeling very at home in her little bed,fast asleep...........................
She slept like this for ages bless her!
I will no doubt be posting some more pictures of her,so now of to work out how to make the photo`s appear on here as they are in my picture gallery on my computer.
Enjoy your Sunday be back tomorrow with a card.
Hugs Kelly.

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Debbie said...

OMG Kelly she is totally adorable, how gorgeous is she?
I did laugh when I saw her sleeping upside down don't they make you laugh. I had two mixed bullterriers a few years ago and one was a sofftie and the other thought he was a tough boy (but wsn't) I had them six years with no problems, and then I bought a "Real" Xmas Tree and they pulled it to bits while I was in bed!! Don't ask me why they did it...They never did it before or after, it was hylarious, We had lovely memories of them, hope your lovely baby makes you laugh too, looks like she will!