Sunday, 14 August 2011

Please please please can somebody help me!!!!!!

Hi guy`s,i got the laptop back and yes it did need a new hard drive again!!
I really need your help.....................
I had a tutorial on my computer of how to do a countdown to Christmas.You stamp the the date(1st 2nd etc) on a circle and this is shown in one small hole made in the paper.You have a scalloped circle which you turn each day to change the date. Am i making sense?
I`m so annoyed i didn`t save it,i really wanted to make one each for the kids and actually wanted to get started on it,as i left everything to the last minute last year and didn`t get half what i wanted done.This year seems to be flying.
I have tried on you tube,splitcoast stampers,but if you don`t get the right words it will not bring it up.
If anyone out there can help i would be most grateful.
I don`t have many followers so if there is any chance you could mention it on your blog so i could get more people to help that would be amazing,thank you.
I will be back later tonight or tomorrow to show you some crafty things once i`ve put the stuff all back on the computer.
Thanks for your time,

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Mandy said...

OMG hun I'm so sorry I thought I followed your blog but if I did it's vanished off my dashboard along with a couple of others I've noticed, anyway all rectified now :)
I've been having a search and found this tutorial which I hope is the one you want or if not can use this as a guide and adapt to what you want hopefully
hugs Mandy xx